Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire, Or Mirrors? Nokia Corporate Marketing Video

CRM Studios Case Study
Corporate Marketing Video

Client: Nokia and NextWave Creative
Purpose: Demonstrate your idea with a corporate marketing video


Nokia was looking to promote their newest emergency communications device, the Ultra Lightweight Mobile LTE Antenna, and its potentially life-saving advantages.

Project Summary:

Harry Bouton from NextWave Creative needed a production company who could shoot on location and in studio, creating a project of enormous scope in very little time.  Having worked with us on a similar project for Nokia, he knew CRM Studios had the experience to duplicate the success of a disaster-oriented corporate marketing video.


Create a new corporate marketing video that effectively demonstrates Nokia’s emergency response capabilities in a real world catastrophe situation, where lines of communication and response have proven especially tricky yet immensely important in the past.  Demonstrate the ability of the Mobile LTE Antenna to quickly deploy to hard-to-reach places and coordinate rescue and emergency response efforts by creating a wild fire scenario and representing the smoke jumpers who battle them.


Time is always a factor on these shoots.  CRM had to create a wildfire scenario intense enough to require smoke jumpers, safe enough to completely control, yet authentic-looking enough to be believable at every level of the response. Once again, the project budget allowed for only two days of shooting, and the turn-around time for the entire project was about two weeks. 

Planning & Research:

The shoot was structured in such a way that each location would be done on a separate day, in order to maximize the potential of each. We chose an out-of-the-way park with a very rural feel and an airplane hangar at a small municipal airport.  The park would serve as the field training area for our “smoke jumpers” while the hangar served as headquarters.  Stock footage would have to be used for any fire sequences due to safety and budget concerns.

Strategies & Tactics:

CRM worked with Harry from NextWave Creative to construct a corporate marketing video that would combine a series of “packaged” news-style interviews with experienced smoke jumpers.  We booked an actual LTE operator to describe the benefits of the new system, especially concerning a fire scenario.  A professional actor was hired to play our on-camera smoke jumper while actual smoke jumpers were consulted for authenticity in representation. 

This allowed us to work largely off-script in the field with our operator, but meant we’d have to find a way to cue our actor at headquarters.  In order to quickly move from shot to shot within our location, we decide to use old fashioned cue cards instead of a TelePrompTer.  This required a bit of prompter gymnastics in order to move from card to card while keeping the text at eye level.

Finally, the whole thing was given over to our editors and animators to work their magic. 


Once our editors added music beds, graphics, video effects and well-placed stock footage to complement the interview footage, the project really came into focus.  The whole corporate marketing video had a documentary feel, complete with a sense of urgency, which fully demonstrated the capabilities of and need for the LTE emergency antenna. The fact that Nokia and NextWave chose to partner with CRM Studios again for their next “disaster,” well, that’s the kind of disaster you want to be associated with.


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