CRM Studios, a Dallas video production company can handcraft and custom build your video project to exact specifications.

Whether your idea is fully formed, or you’re just beginning the process, CRM Studios is the creative partner you can count on.

We have the team and tools to guide your project to a successful conclusion.

Scroll down to see just what we’re capable of.

Creative/Pre Production

Where ideas become inspiration. Content creation, script writing, location scouting, budgeting, casting, even traditional storyboarding, this is where your project begins to come alive.


The perspiration behind the inspiration. This is where color meets canvas and the creative process kicks into high gear. The seeds have been planted, and now it's time to get our hands dirty. Like a gardener diligently tending their greenery, our craftsmen cultivate your project to grow thick and full and healthy. High standards are important to us; we can only reap what we are willing to sow.



Post Production

Attention to detail is what separates a craftsman from a journeyman. Just as a master carpenter isn't satisfied until the last layer of lacquer is dried and buffed, our editors have an artist's eye for fine detail and the skill to bring your polished project in on time, every time.


Managed Video Services

If you have a video production team in-house, we can help you manage that function reducing everyday headaches. Then in times of high demand, we can augment your team with our professionals and modern equipment to get the jobs out on time. Learn more here.capabilities2



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