Reduce disposable video by reusing elements of past efforts.

Finding Value in “Disposable Video”

Disposable video is a very bad idea in video production. It means you’re creating something with a short shelf life. Same production costs, but short life equals wasted time and money. The answer is to squeeze more value out of that “disposable” video. But how?

Generic is Not the Answer

Sure, it’s appealing to shoot generic imagery so you don’t end up with disposable video. But shooting generic, non-specific video dilutes the effectiveness of the video now and renders it useless for most future applications. The less specific you are, the less clear your video will be.

Specific Is Always Better

It’s actually better to shoot specific imagery, even if it threatens to date your project. One reason is viewer recognition. When a viewer sees the repurposed video images in a new context, it can trigger a memory of the previous video, adding a comfortable familiarity and a more lasting impact to the new video. Even if the imagery shows age, it’s often still useful.

More Than Shots Can Be Re-used

When Native Americans hunted this land it wasn’t just for food. They used bones for tools, hides for clothing and more. Nothing went to waste.

Think ahead to reusing elements to reduce disposable videoYour video production should follow similar rules. Keep and reuse everything. Harvest graphics, animation, stills, music bed and for future projects. Say you produce a testimonial video. Then, snippets from those interviews may be perfect for future projects.

If you found a graphic style you really like, then reuse time and again. That’s one less decision to make. And don’t forget about the outtakes. A blooper-reel can be a real hit at those company celebrations.

Give your video projects the love and attention they deserve now, making them the best they can be. Store the bits and pieces and you’ll be surprised what you can reuse in the future.

Dallas video production company CRM Studios uses many innovative tricks to save our customers time and money. That kind of insight comes from craftsmanship and experience. We have both.

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