Great Vertical Video Makes Your Message Stand Up

By Evan Morris

From the very beginning of motion pictures, film was shot and viewed in a horizontal format. But no more. Today is the time of great vertical video.

Smartphones and other mobile devices now make vertical video the format of choice for digital media.

Video Sharing was the Start

New York Times article on vertical video

“Vertical Video on the Small Screen? Not a Crime” -NYT

Folks started using their phones and social media to chronicle the major (and oh so minor) events of their lives and share them with friends, family, and indeed the rest of the world. When they shot those personal videos did they turn their camera sideways? No. That footage ended up being vertical — taller than it is wide — because it just feels more natural to hold your phone upright while shooting and when viewing. Despite the protests of many traditionalists, vertical video has continued to thrive on the internet, for a variety of reasons.

But there’s a dilemma, what looks good on the television screen and computer monitor doesn’t always translate comfortably to the small vertical screen of a smartphone. But since the majority of traffic on the internet is now from mobile devices, the change to vertical video viewing is unavoidable.


In recent years, the great vertical video shift has managed to permeate traditional mainstream news media as well, and it’s fair to say, that penetration was largely “by storm.”

Storm Chasers Led the Way

Some of the most dramatic and impressive weather footage ever shot was captured by amateur videographers using their smartphones.

These people have not been trained to think like a professional camera operator, to properly orient their phones, test the light or frame their shots. The only goal was to capture what’s happening in front of them right now, so they can share it with as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

The results have been quite compelling.

As more and more of us use our smartphones and tablets as primary screens for viewing content, great vertical video becomes more familiar, more comfortable. It is no longer jarring to see vertical footage in the middle of what is otherwise a traditionally shot television program. In fact, most of us don’t even bother to turn our phones sideways when we do have full screen horizontal video available.

CRM Studios has been working with vertical video since before it was cool or mainstream. We quickly saw the potential of professionally shot and edited video that was viewed vertically.

Great Vertical Video Is a New Perspective

CRM Studios shooting a vertical video

Shooting a vertical video at CRM Studios

We recognized that vertically oriented screens offer a new perspective on products and services, especially in the area of digital signage. Instead of a static banner that needs to be hung and replaced manually, we started using video graphics to add a little motion to logos and to be able to switch content instantly. The viewer never has an opportunity to get bored and simply ignore the images being shown.

Some great vertical videos are destined strictly for the internet and social media. This is especially true for younger audiences, 14-30, but is quickly catching on with older audiences too. And with the emergence of Facebook Live and other online streaming video solutions, vertical video is becoming quite the norm.

Vertical video is now considered hip and modern, a symbol of the Digital Age. Let CRM Studios help you keep your customers’ attention and convey a new, more modern aesthetic for your company with vertical video. We have the tools, the techniques, and most importantly the experience to help your business grow. And the direction of growth, in this case, is vertical.

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