”You Go Bob,” An Internet TV Spot for Cataract Patients

Introducing a new cataract product to patients and the eye care community

Revision Optics (RVO), the innovative eye care optics company based in Lake Forest , California, teamed with CRM Studios of Las Colinas, Texas to produce a two and a half minute Internet TV spot marketing their new RAINDROP Near Vision Inlay product.

The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay is a small lens inserted in front of the cornea for cataract patients who discover they have difficulty seeing close objects after their cataract surgeries. These patients usually require reading glasses, but the RAINDROP eliminates that need.

The Internet TV Spot

Revision Optics "You Go Bob" Internet TV spot“You Go, Bob!” features Bob, a cataract patient who is celebrating his new found vision by taking up a new hobby, painting. But the cataract surgery left Bob struggling to read or see close items clearly. RVO’s RAINDROP Near Vision Inlay corrected Bob’s problem so he now sees clearly both far and near. Now if someone would just tell him that his skills as a painter are, well, not very clear.

Shot on CRM Studios’ RedCam, directed by CRM Studios’ lead director, Steve Dunning, who not only shot the long form TV spot, but rough cut it as well in Premier, finished out by Senior Editor, Brian Hockenbury. The spot was written by Ethan Norris and produced by Tom Kirkhart.

You can view the new spot on YouTube at:

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